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When Doves Cry - The Prince Tribute Show invites you to join us on our musical journey to pay tribute to Prince, with a selection of videos from live concert performances and behind-the-scenes footage of the band. We strive to honor the legacy of the amazing musician he was. It's up to all of us to keep his music alive & continue showing what a truly talented musical artist he was.


When Doves Cry - The Prince Tribute Show, Northern Californias Best Prince Tribute

More than just an impersonation, When Doves Cry - the Prince Tribute Show is an exciting and dynamic live concert experience, that puts the integrity of the music Prince left us above all else.

Performing the songs as Prince wrote them.

When Doves Cry - The Prince Tribute Show brings a tribute to Prince like no other to stages all across North America.

Formed in late 2015 in Sacramento, California, the band taps into the heart of Prince's music like no other. We leave it all on stage, every time we perform.

With over 55,000 Tickets sold and 66 Sold Out Shows over the last 6 years. We've performed all over California, Nevada, Arizona and Indiana.   

WDC also holds the distinction of being the Only Prince Tribute band in the World to have performed the entire "1999" & "Purple Rain" albums in the same night.  WDC also performs all of his greatest hits, as well as many songs other tributes won't touch.

With a song list of over 100 Prince songs (and growing), we can guarantee there's something in our show for both the casual and the die hard Prince fans.

We're proud to bring a live Prince Tribute show that will take you through the illustrious career of one of the most prolific songwriters and performers that we will ever know.


If you love Prince's music, this is a must see show.


Lead Vocals - Rashaad

Background Vocs - Natasha

Guitar, Vocals - Zak
Bass - KennyKen
Keyboards - Stuart
Saxophone - Susan
Drums - Isaiah



Booking Inquiries:

“The Prince Estate is not affiliated, associated, or connected with Us, nor has it endorsed or sponsored Us.”

California's Best Prince Tribute Band - When Doves Cry

Behind the Music

Keeping his Music Alive

"We all grew up on Prince's music. Performing, and playing it on stage, brings a lot of us full circle, back to the huge influence he was on us as we were developing as musicians. The huge influence he continues to be. We love meeting other fans and celebrating his musical legacy."


Zak, Guitarist - When Doves Cry - the Prince Tribute Show

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